“Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon.”
-Bashar “Pop Smoke” Jackson

About us

Investroy is a financial consulting firm founded and owned by two distinguished gentlemen coming from galaxies far away, currently based in Miami, USA and Paris, France. With several years of experience in the industry behind their shoulders, they have joined efforts in 2020 to establish a company that would change the game. Ever since then, they have contributed to revolutionising the way people look at financial markets.

What we do

We assist people in learning and earning at the same time. From portfolio building to providing educational articles and chart studies, Investroy is a perfect fit for market newbies and veterans of the trading world. Special focus directed at what is commonly called as “Forex signals”, psychological content, and outstanding instant customer support available for you 7 days of the week.


Why us


“We ask people to judge us based on our failures, because there are only so few of them.” Jokes aside, by joining our family full of wizards, you get magical content from a team with only one goal in mind: success. By content, we mean whatever you may need through your journey - signals, technical and fundamental coverage, psychological support, education. If you’re tired of shady mentors and fraudulent companies, congratulations, you have found the hidden gem!